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A dog bone .
Dog Bone 
A dog bone every so often can help to reduce tartar build up on the teeth and aid with gum and teeth hygeine.

A dog treat.
Dog Chew 
A chewy treat can also help fight dental hygiene by the gnawing motion on the teeth and rubbing off built up tartar.

Bad Pet Breath.....

Does your pet have ugly teeth?, bad breath? A bad case of “Fart”ulance? Or all three? Then read on.
Bad Breath may be a sign that your cat or dog has a buildup of bacterial growth in the form of plaque, or possibly a more serious condition, such as gingivitis. Dental disease is one of the most common problems affecting dogs and cats today. In humans, tartar builds up if we do not remove it by brushing. Likewise in animals, tartar builds up if it is not removed by chewing on raw bones or other gnawing toys, or by brushing. Don't let bad breath from dental disease affect your  relationship with your pet.
A continual diet of soft food can lead to teeth becoming covered in tartar, especially in smaller breeds. The lack of hard foods like bones, dry food or even those baked biscuits has the effect of not scraping the teeth of your pet which in turn keeps the tartar and germs at bay.
Most symptoms can be associated with diet and by simply altering their food can usually alleviate these simple problems. A raw bone each day or every other day will be like a “Toothbrush” to a dog or cat as the chewing effect scrapes at the teeth and produces saliva to wash away the tartar that has built up over the teeth. For smaller dogs the use of chicken necks is a great alternative if your pet doesn’t like big bones.
As well as bones the use of chewy type treats like pigs ears, trotters, other   smoked style treats and specially baked hard biscuits are just as suitable. Trial an error will lead you to find the treat your pet can tolerate or a mixture of all these will be even better.
Apart from pigs ears, trotters, baked bones and chicken necks we now carry a baked biscuit with activated charcoal, the charcoal absorbs odours and the biscuit cleans teeth and gums, or Grab a mixture of treats in our treat packs, contact your distributor for price and availability.
If these remedies do not help then be sure to get a vet check in case the offender is worse than just bad oral hygiene.
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