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Flea life cycle

Flea Facts
Just a sample of available flea treatments for both Dogs and Cats.
There are more coming onto to market regularly.

Fleas please flee!

Spring and summer are the worst times for flea problems on dogs and cats.

Fleas breed rapidly with the right conditions and would become a major problem within a few weeks if not treated accordingly.

Fleas can cause many problems with your pets when in large quantities with the most obvious being the continual scratching and rubbing on anything that doesn’t move.

The constant scratching can have disastrous effects on your pets skin and coat with intense itchiness and red sore skin which could lead to vet attention.

Some pets can be allergic to the fleas saliva when bitten and this can exacerbate the skin condition and irritable scratching.

Fleas are now an easy problem to treat with many excellent flea products available, and many only need be used once a month.

Some of these products also defend against other forms of pests like mites, ticks and other bugs.

Flea Wash

There are many varieties of flea wash on the market which can be used to wash your pet and thus killing the live fleas on your pet. These products are great if you don’t have a flea problem and is used to keep your pet in a flea free condition.

Flea wash will be generally useless if the rest of the pets environment is not conditioned as the clean pet will simply go to it’s bed and be re-infested with the fleas lurking in the bedding etc.

Flea powders used in conjunction with a wash would be a better alternative. Use flea powder like talcum powder and sprinkle over the pet and the pets bedding and it’s mats and everywhere the pet is likely to play or lay.

These products, although useful have been left in the wake of the topical types of flea products.  

Flea Ointments are the easiest to use and usually only need to be used monthly due to the residual effect the application has on the skin of the pet.

Topical application is the best way to apply these products where you simply squeeze the contents of the tube directly onto the pets skin and it will spread itself along the entire pets skin protecting all parts from flea infestation.

The other great feature of these ointments is that they can stop the life cycle of the flea from the eggs to larvae to adult fleas and thus breaking the cycle and therefore stopping the flea from breeding.

Not only can these tubes do all that, but can also rub off into their bedding and wherever they go including rubbing onto other pets coming into contact with the protected animal and then further protecting their own environment.

There are many varieties of topical flea and tick ointments, although we recommend the "All in One" style such as advocate, revolution, sentinel and others coming onto the market  as they are also capable of controlling not only fleas, eggs, larvae but also ear mites, ticks, lice, some intestinal worms, heartworm, demodic mange and sarcoptic mange.

All this in only one topical application tube capable of lasting a month.

Check with your distributor for price and availability.

Be sure to get a vet check if problems persist.
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