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Sally  & Ian

Ballarat & Surrounds

Including Geelong, Daylesford, Trentham, Ballan & surrounds.

Sally & Ian

Hi, we are Sally and Ian (Crew is Town and Bird) and we operate out of Ballarat. We service the area within about 30/40 km from Ballarat and we go out to Daylesford and Trentham. We deliver to all locations each fortnight and provide all of our customers with the best service available. 

Sally has experience with numerous dog breeds extends over many years. She is a highly qualified groomer who specialises in the petite dog area. Ian has had dogs all of his life and like most of us believes in providing them with the best possible nutrition thus nurturing their life experience. 

TuckTub products and support offer you, the customer, many options for your pets, all produced in a chemical and preservative free environment. Our home delivery service optimises our environmental contribution by using Tubs that are recycled.

It is a very rewarding experience, supporting  your family commitment to your pet mate in a meaningful and cost effective manner. Give us a call.
 Sally, Town, Ian, Bird
Combined  Ian & Sally have over 60 years experience in total pet care!
Contact Details.

Sally, Ian, Town & Bird

 Phone:    5332 1748

Mobile:    0428776601

Email:-   tuckertubballarat@bigpond.com

Face book:-  Tucker Tub Ballarat.

 Town pulling the load
P.S. As you can see from the pic. We get through to the most difficult of places.
Town hauls her share of the load when required.
Town having a feed, while Bird waits his turn
Call us if your not
sure where we go?
Schedule of Deliveries.

Contact Ian or Sally for all your delivery needs

Mob Ian :   0428 776 601        

Mob Sally:  0488 517 541
E-Mail  tuckertubballarat@bigpond.com

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Beef & Pasta Casserole

Chicken & Rice Stew

Chicken & Pasta

Chunky Chicken

Raw Chicken Mince & Garlic

Raw Beef Mince

Raw Beef Chunks

Raw Roo Mince

Raw Veal Mince

Raw Rabbit Mince

Raw Beef Mince plus Veg

Beef, Chicken & Veg Loaf

Chicken Savoury Loaf

Diet Health Loaf

Fresh Chicken Necks

Fresh Cut Veal Bones

Fresh Cut Neck Bones

Fresh Cut Roo Tails

Cobber Country Dog

Cobber Work Dog

Cobber Puppy Dry

Black Hawk Adult

Black Hawk Puppy

Black Hawk Grain Free

Black Hawk Cat

Savoury Krunchies

Pigs Ears

Split Pigs  Trotters

Liver Treats

Baked Mixed Treats

Baked Biscuits

Dried Chicken Breast

Dried Chicken Leg Fillets

Dried Chicken Necks

Dried Chicken Feet

Beef Jerky

Dried Duck  Fillets

Dried Roo Tails

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