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Richard, busy packing some raw meat to get them frozen quickly, locking in the freshness..

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Phone: 03 5784 3541
Fax:      03 5784 3541
Email: tuckertubonline@bigpond.com

Our New Factory

Finally we are Here

Our Factory

We have moved into our new factory!!

It has been a very long time in the planning and building process, but we eventually made it.

Our new factory has more space, more freezer capacity, more cooking facilities and more freedom to create and develop new and exciting  products and to be able to expand our current range of pet food and treats.

Now that we are in our new premises, and after settling down and fine tuning our building we can begin to expand our product range and aside from the ideas that we have we want your opinions.



Please help us to help you and let us know what more we can do and supply to our customers.

We want to know your opinion on new products we have on the drawing board, and then any ideas that you may have have on other products or treats that we could include into our range.

Please give us your opinions on the following new developmental products:-


  • BARF Diet. Bones and Raw Food is a recognised diet by some circles in the pet society and we would like to create a range of Raw Foods with added vegetables and Rice or Pasta in a ready to serve tub. We also carry fresh sliced marrow Bones for healthy teeth and gums whilst adding calcium naturally.


  • LOAF VARIETIES. We aim to develop a larger range of loaf style products with the emphasis on all natural ingredients and more variety to entice those fussy eaters.


  • HOME MADE DOG COOKIES. We now have the facility to create and produce our own range of healthy and wholesome treats in the cookie style, these are a good source of fibre and great for teeth and gums, as well as just a treat for your loved pets.


Let us know your opinion on the suggested products above and then lets us know of any further ideas you may have, BUT please keep in mind that we are only a small company and the new product ideas must keep within our budget and facility restraints.

Just click here and fill in the details on the contact page and be sure to make your message clear and concise, and we will do our best to try and please every one.

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Beef & Pasta Casserole

Chicken & Rice Stew

Chicken & Pasta

Chunky Chicken

Raw Chicken Mince & Garlic

Raw Beef Mince

Raw Beef Chunks

Raw Roo Mince

Raw Veal Mince

Raw Rabbit Mince

Raw Beef Mince plus Veg

Beef, Chicken & Veg Loaf

Chicken Savoury Loaf

Diet Health Loaf

Fresh Chicken Necks

Fresh Cut Veal Bones

Fresh Cut Neck Bones

Fresh Cut Roo Tails

Cobber Country Dog

Cobber Work Dog

Cobber Puppy Dry

Black Hawk Adult

Black Hawk Puppy

Black Hawk Grain Free

Black Hawk Cat

Savoury Krunchies

Pigs Ears

Split Pigs  Trotters

Liver Treats

Baked Mixed Treats

Baked Biscuits

Dried Chicken Breast

Dried Chicken Leg Fillets

Dried Chicken Necks

Dried Chicken Feet

Beef Jerky

Dried Duck  Fillets

Dried Roo Tails

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